Mark Wolfe, PhD


Dual Canadian/EU citizen with executive-level experience in building corporate partnerships and institutional linkages, and in assessing strategic business opportunities.  Extensive media experience of a breakthrough nature: recruited to conceive and produce The Pecten newspaper for Shell Canada in the early 1990s; Editor-in-Chief of Alberta Oil magazine (2006/7) who evolved the publication into a quarterly of international significance;  1998 AMPIA Award winner as Producer, Best Vignette for a short docu-drama based on the life and times of legendary Calgary journalist, Fred Kennedy; Associate Editor of an international, Los Angeles-based fitness magazine at age 19.

Creator of the Digital Futures symposia in Alberta that continue to advocate for rural broadband development in Canada ( I sit on a number of editorial boards of journals in the academic domain, where I've also recently created and led international university study programs in Berlin and Los Angeles. . 1994 Governor General award nominee for an MA thesis on the phenomenology of virtual reality. Doctoral dissertation comprised an original study of small work groups as complex systems.

Kerry McArthur, PhD

Kerry is a seasoned corporate communicator with extensive experience in internal and financial communications, as well as emerging communications technology applications. In the late 1990s, she designed and managed Shell Canada's inaugural corporate intranet news site with an accompanying quarterly magazine. Later, she innovated the company's Oil Products business by launching and producing OPTV – an internal video production and streaming model she later replicated in her role as Communications Manager for the Faculty of Education at the University of Calgary. 

Earning MA and doctoral degrees in communications from the University of Calgary, (PhD dissertation on Anglo-Canadian film and screenwriting policy), Kerry was a co-developer and leader of the University of Calgary's Berlin Summer School – an annual month-long exploration of media culture and development in this historic Germany capital, which was also replicated in 2017 through a highly successful second program based in Los Angeles and is currently under review for re-launch through Toronto-based universities.

Anna Garleff, PhD (in proficio)

Anna Garleff is a Senior Communications Specialist with more than twenty years of international experience in the design and implementation of corporate organizational psychology. However, it was research and the design and delivery of curricula for universities and organizations across Europe that comprised her primary career focus.  Leveraging that experience back in North America,  Anna recently designed and managed a major organizational effectiveness makeover with the Oldman Watershed Council in Lethbridge, Alberta, which required assuming leadership roles in brand marketing, film production, focus group facilitation, staff training and strategic planning. 


Anna works with government, municipalities, scientists and technical experts to translate their work into key messaging for the public in order to change behavior.  With social license and environmental issues increasingly important topics for leaders and businesses across the sectors, Anna is able to help teams distill core messaging, make it relevant to target groups, and start game-changing conversations.  

Megan Wolfe, Hons. BA


Megan is a 30-year-old English Honours major with over 10 years of administration experience, as well as experience in communications and research support.  Megan brings key strengths in editing, research, analytical and interpretive communications.  She also has extensive experience in preparing and handling sensitive documents requiring databasing, and data analysis, and has compiled several technical documents for past employers and workplaces – including the research, compilation, organization, and indexing of Material Safety Data Sheets and WHMIS Handbooks. 

In addition to Wolfe & Associates and KBTV work, Megan is extending her interest in theoretical exploration in genre comparison of the classic and modern literatures, with a focus on semiotics, hermeneutics, and structuralism.