Small Business Services


Faced with a bewildering array of social media alternatives and unsure about the effectiveness of print material or even their websites, many small businesses find themselves in deep water when it comes to client communications. 

Current research in business communication practice finds that authenticity is key in addressing core audiences. Millennials in particular want to know about the beating heart of the organization — who are the people running the business and what are their core values? 

Using video and social media, Wolfe & Associates has pioneered a cost-effective form of business outreach that directly introduces potential clients to the business and its products/services. We interview management and staff on camera about their business goals and projects — the resulting mini-videos are then posted to the appropriate social media channels, as well as the business' own website.

This information-rich approach is considerably less time-consuming and expensive than the business owner might think. And its persuasive approach allows clients to express their passion for their business in an authentic way.