Oldman Watershed Council



In early 2016, the Oldman Watershed Council awarded Wolfe & Associates a contract for a multi-phase research and consulting project.  The challenge?  Identify indicators and metrics for assessing overall social outcomes of OWC activity, and provide the organization with a strategy for implementing a sustainable research culture and practice.  




W&A proposed an initial two-phase approach, beginning with an initial stakeholder engagement (completed in March) involving surveys and interviews that produced clear signals regarding OWC's visibility and perceived value in the community.  


With the Phase I baseline data in hand, Phase II was initiated and by June had produced a comprehensive research framework for OWC management to use in streamlining and deepening its organizational assessment and sustainability planning.


The OWC board has strongly endorsed the W&A research sustainability framework, and the organization is poised going forward to lead its peer group in terms of overall performance evaluation but also organizational sustainability in the watershed management space.