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In a noisy world of anything-goes digital interaction, the need for clarity of message and meaning has never been greater – or more important.

W&A principals have been leading and pathfinding in the editorial domain for 30 years.


We were one of the first "desktop publishing" agencies in Alberta, and we helped launch, edit and manage a world-first corporate newspaper for Shell Canada. Later, we launched an in-house television project for Shell employees, and then again for the Faculty of Education at the University of Calgary.  

We know writing and editing, and clients turn to us when social media is not enough – when articulation of the meaning and value of their good work requires deep experience and expert insight.

Eminence in publishing


W&A principals have been go-to editors for major book projects, including our own work and some of the best industry and commemorative book projects around.

As primary editor for Calgary-based Cambria Publishing, the team has helped produce ‘coffee table’ volumes, paperback cozies and a novel, all devoted to the Canadian mining industry. Most of these beautifully printed books feature the work of Lawrence Chrismas, RCA, whose documentary portraiture and stories reside in galleries across Canada. 

Say what?: An ethical leader’s guide to strategic communication in the 21st Century is the senior practitioner's playbook for reinventing his/her approach to communication – both personally and organizationally.


This title in the Executive In-flight Series draws on the writer’s extensive experience in the Canadian oil & gas sector to argue why professional communication across the sectors has lagged in its evolution – but also where its re-invention as dialogic, research-based and context-sensitive approaches is helping leaders engage stakeholders for mutual benefit and long-term trust.